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diversify staff and experience global perspectives

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Diversify your staff and experience global perspectives. Exchange visitor programs are ideal for internationally-minded organizations. Participants bring new knowledge, expertise and global perspective to your business cultivating a dynamic and culturally diverse work environment. The exchange visitor programs include interns up to 12 months, trainees up to 18 months and certain programs meet a need for temporary or seasonal staff which include work & travel and camp counselors. SPI offers a talented selection of international candidates with a wide variety of skills and knowledge. SPI staff pre screen the candidates and provides support throughout the programs to both the participants and the host organizations. Your company may also contact SPI with a candidate that you have selected.

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Host an Intern/trainee

  • Interns and Trainees are dedicated, educated and skilled students and young professionals in all industries that bring an international perspective to your business.  
  • SPI works with your company to create a customized training placement plan.  
  • SPI provides guidance and support throughout the exchange program to the candidates and your organization.

Host a Work & Travel Participant

Fill your seasonal hiring need and diversify your workplace. International university students are permitted to work and travel throughout the US for up to four months.

  • Host organization are required to have seasonal hiring needs and an interest in cultural exchange
  • Job requirements include Full-time positions (minimum of 32 hours per week) for up to four months
  • SPI pre-screens participants for English proficiency 

Types of businesses include: Retail Store, Restaurants, Hotels, Amusement & Water Parks

host a camp counselor

  • International high school grads, university students, and teachers serve as counselors sharing their culture and ideas with camps in the US for up to four months. 
  • SPI works closely with your camp to understand your mission, goals, preferences, and campers to find you the best fit when hiring dedicated international staff. 
  • The exchange program provides a life-changing experience for both your campers and counselors. 
  • Add diversity and a global perspective to camp life.
"Alice was a wonderful addition to our firm. She is extremely talented and we are sure her future will be bright. There were actually some tears shed on her last day! If all your interns are that great, count us in on any programs you offer. We look forward our next collaboration."
Prominent Architecture Firm
Los Angeles, CA
"Kinsei has exceeded all of our expectations during his internship with our agency. He was incredibly determined and eager to learn about our company. He displayed the professionalism and positive attitude required to be able to communicate with our customers. We truly believe that Kinsei learned a lot during his internship with us, and we sure learned a lot from him, as well. Kinsei was a positive, refreshing addition to our office."
Allstate Insurance
New York, NY
"Vera brought a fresh and youthful approach to our business style. In a way, she influenced our company culture just as much as she learned the profession from us. She always asked to be challenged in the work assigned to her. The SPI staff is accommodating and proactive in making a beneficial experience for us and our intern.”
Sunset Plaza Corporation
Los Angeles, CA

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