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Join SPI for the Summer-of-a-Lifetime while you work and travel throughout the US!


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SPI is committed to offering the finest international cultural exchange experiences for students from around the globe through a commitment to cultural appreciation. Students participating in our Work and Travel program will explore and experience America and it’s vast culture. Our work and Travel program will bring together engaging international university students with equally enthusiastic and dedicated U.S. businesses. 

Share your culture and ideas with US citizens through temporary work and travel. You will have the opportunity to spend up to 4 months in the US improving your English, learning a new culture, forging new friends with people from all over the world and work in new environments. 

Interview and Resume prep

Work with SPI team to polish and perfect your resume and participate in an interview to prepare for interviews with Host Organizations

Job placement

SPI will schedule you for interviews with US Host Organizations for job placement until you receive a job offer. SPI will process all paperwork and vetting for approval in order to receive the DS 2019.

SEVIS, DS 2019, and Insurance

Through SPI's partner J1 Sponsor, we offer the full package including when it comes to our Work & Travel program. SPI also offers housing options.

24/7 support and guidance

SPI offers 24/7 support during the Program for safety and guidance.

Share your culture and ideas with U.S. citizens through
temporary work and travel
SPI makes the work and travel process easy and enjoyable! 

It can be very complicated trying to find work in a foreign county. Our team will assist with a seasonal job, the hiring process, obtaining a visa, preparing for the program, assisting students with taxes and paychecks and complying with all state department regulations. Participating on a work and travel experience can be confusing and complicated, but not with the leadership and guidance of SPI.

SPI makes hiring easy and exciting for all students with the efforts of  our outstanding team of dedicated recruiters, international job fairs, resume building and placement professionals. SPI works with dozens of the most reputable international representatives around organizations around the globe.. Each candidate is pre-screened by an SPI team leader to review the candidates English skills, positive attitude and team spirit. SPI students will arrive excited and confident that they will be a positive team member and the organization and employers are assured of getting productive seasonal staff.

Here at SPI, we take the time to work with each and every student to guide them and be sure they are properly prepared for their Work and Travel cultural exchange experience prior to departure on this once in a lifetime cultural exchange experience.. SPI will guide students through the entire process with clear guidance and assistance throughout the process from the application to the program, job interviews, visa assistance along with tips and advice on travel, cultural differences and safety. Students will all participate in the SPI in-depth online orientation about living and working in the United States prior to departure.

SPI mainstains routine contact with all SPI Work & Travel students throughout their entire program in the USA. The SPI team is available for all student issues and concerns from basic needs to more urgent concerns 24/7. SPI offers guidance on living in the USA, important updates and information about procedures and regulations, and special tips on how to make the most of their Work and Travel USA experience.. SPI also offers social media options to allow students to connect with other Work & Travel USA students and  allow a modern way to stay connected and to share their incredible journey with the global community.

SPI students will be provided with a U.S. Department of State J-1 visa. The J1 visa allows an international university student to live and work in the U.S. for up to four months during your summer break. A J1 work and Travel visa designation also offers you the possibility to travel for an additional 30 days after the completion of your summer employment concludes.

Visitors to the U.S. with J-1 visas require a sponsor. As a student in the SPI Work & Travel USA program, SPI will provide the appropriate sponsorship with one of our many partners. SPI is also responsible for making sure each student is prepared with suitable housing in the U.S., has access to gainful employment with a responsible employer, and participate in a meaningful cultural exchange experience. SPI will also work with each student, employer and sponsor to assist in all needs relating to your health, safety and well-being while a visitor in America!

SPI offers eligible students access to employment all across the U.S. with various options. SPI team leaders will guide you through the employment process and review various options.

To be eligible for the SPI  Work & Travel USA Program, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • Be registered as a full-time university student
  • Be able to communicate  in English, both at work and in a community (SPI Director to Interview)
  • Have a pre-arranged job prior to departure – arranged by SPI
  • Have a minimum of $1000 to support yourself upon arrival in the United States

We also welcome SPI Work and Travel students on other SPI programs. SPI offers a wide range of other options for college grads as Internship and Trainee programs in the USA.  Our team would be eager to welcome a Work and Travel USA student back for up to 18 months or if unable to attend a work and Travel program we offer these alternative options, please contact SPI for eligibility information and requirements. 

If you are eligible, please contact an SPI leader at your earliest convenience (space is limited), and your SPI leader will assist with all items discussed above from registration to job placement.

We look forward to working with you!

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